• Level : 3
  • Time Limit : Unlimited
  • Retake Limit : 5
  • Retake Delay : Instant
  • Pass Line : 90%
  • Grading : Computer
  • Pausable : Yes

SPECIAL Certified Millwork Profession (CMP) Exam (Individual)

  • This test is designed only for specific and special instances where your score for the Certified Millwork Professional (CMP) Exam was between 75% and the passing score of 85%. DO NOT TAKE THIS EXAM IF YOU HAVE NOT TAKEN THE REGULAR CERTIFIED MILLWORK PROFESSIONAL (CMP) EXAM.

  • This is a much shorter test with only 100 question. You must pass this exam with a 90% or better score.

  • Failing this exam will require you to retake the original test.

To ensure that you have the requisite knowledge to be a Certified Millwork Professional, this open-book examination is intended to assist you in becoming familiar with the abundance of information in the Architectural Woodwork Standards and the Woodwork Institute's Programs & Services Manual.

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